Read advice for safe and healthy travels to Muslim countries during the Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages; to ensure a healthy, and productive month if observing Ramadan abroad; and recommended public and business etiquette tips if traveling to Muslim countries during Ramadan.

The CDC warns about the risks of the health infrastructure breakdown in Venezuela, and new cases of malaria in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. The U.S. Department of State warns of risk of travel to Nicaragua due to crime and civil unrest. The CDC, the United Nations, WHO, and International SOS report on the recent outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The United Nations reports on the violent demonstrations in Gaza.

The International Center wants to wish you a wonderful Summer. If you are traveling outside the U.S. read advice to keep yourself safe and healthy.

The government of Canada and the UK warn of the risk of kidnap in Cameroon, report on the temporary closure of the Island of Bocaray in the Philippines, and warn to avoid unnecessary travel on areas affected by Tropical Cyclone Keni in Fiji. The government of Canada warns of travel risks to Egypt due to the unpredictable security situation. The UK government warns of the risk of kidnap in Chad, warns of the risks of terrorism in Ecuador, and warns about unregulated adventure activities in Peru. The CDC reports an outbreak of measles in the Philippines and cases of Malaria in Waterberg, South Africa, and shares advise for travelers going to a country impacted by Yellow Fever. The UN highlights a worldwide initiative to improve road safety, and regional plan to bolster its response to the Venezuelans exodus.

The government of Canada warns about rising violent crime impacting foreigners in Angola. The UK government warns of the risks of kidnap for foreigners, government officials, and civilians in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, Algeria, and Mauritania.

The UK Government notes terrorists may target religious sites, including churches, and recommends vigilance over the Easter period for Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Germany,Italy, Kosovo, and France. Read recommended actions to be ready for an emergency.

The U.S. Department of State and the Government of UK recommend to avoid non-essential travel or all travel to areas of Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, and Ecuador. The U.S. Department of State and the Government of Canada warn of risks of travel due to natural disasters or road safety to areas of Dominica, Puerto Rico, and Thailand. The Government of Canada and the UK warn of risks of travel due to terrorism or kidnapping to areas of Cameroon, Yemen, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, and Ecuador. The Government of Canada and the UK warn of risk of travel due to protests and demonstrations to areas of Sierra Leone, Chile, The Occupied Palestinian Territories, Israel, Nigeria, and France. On other risks, the UK government reports on the typhoid fever outbreak in Zimbabwe, and the need to buy tram tickets with other than cash in Amsterdam. International SOS advises business travelers planning to visit Russia on the need to be aware of the potential impacts and plan accordingly.