Enhanced Security Procedures for Electronic Personal Devices

The United States and the UK announced the implementation of enhanced security procedures for passengers at certain last point of departure airports.

The aviation security enhancements will include requiring that all personal electronic devices larger than a cell phone or smart phone be placed in checked baggage at the airports where flights are departing for the United States or the UK.

We recommend UT Dallas travelers to:

If you are currently outside of the U.S.

  • Anticipate possible security delays at pre-departure screening at the affected airports while the new procedures are being implemented.
  • Comply with all security directives from airport authorities. Those wishing to minimize disruption may wish to consider placing large electronic items in checked luggage in anticipation of the ban’s implementation.
  • Monitor the TSA, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Transport (UK) websites for up-to-date information on changes to regulations.
  • Consult the relevant airport or airline directly for more information on new security screening processes prior to setting out for a US  or UK bound flight from or transiting through an affected airport.
  • Monitor alerts for further information.

If you have not yet departed

UT Dallas provides the following services to travelers who do not wish to carry their work laptop, however want to have access to their information.

If presenting only, consider taking your presentation on a USB drive, or send it to yourself on an email.


Announcements from Airlines

This list is not inclusive, please consult with the relevant airport or airline directly for more information on security or screening processes.  We are adding announcements as brought to our attention. Please e-mail ICRSO@utdallas.edu with the link to the airline’s official announcement.

We wish you safe travels!

The risk information in this report is retrieved from the listed sources. It provides general guidance for UT Dallas travelers. Please note the publication date of this post, and go to the direct sources listed above for the most up-to-date information.  The information in this post may change without prior notice.

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