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102318 – World Status Report

Official sources report on risks due to: conflict and terrorism in Iraq, Niger, Burkina Faso, Netherlands, Tunisia, Uganda; crime and social unrest in Ecuador, South Africa, Comoros; natural disasters in Indonesia, Mexico, Qatar, Nicaragua, United States, Ireland, Laos, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, France, Italy, South Africa; law and culture risks in Iran, Nigeria, United States, Canada, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico; demonstrations in Haiti, Togo, Afghanistan, Ivory coast, Brazil, Fiji; health risks in Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo; various risks in Eritrea, Turkey, Taiwan, Ethiopia; and risks in various countries due to outbreaks of Monkeypox, Chikungunya, West Nile Virus, Measles, Dengue, Ebola.

090718 – World Status Report

Official sources report on risks due to: conflict and terrorism in Pakistan, Libya, and Burkina Faso; crime and social unrest in Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Burundi, and Chile; natural disasters in Japan, Laos, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, and India; law and culture in North Korea; demonstrations in Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Zimbabwe, and Brazil; health risks on various countries for MERS CoV, vibro growth, West Nile virus, unregulated ayahuasca use, and Ebola.

032218 – World Status Report

The UK Government reports on the situation in Bangladesh due to the Rohingya refugee crisis, gives recommendations on border crossing to Denmark from Germany or Sweden, reports on the extended state of emergency in Jamaica, warns about using the cable car in Chandragiri Hill in Nepal due to threats of violence, and notes the lifted state of emergency in Sri Lanka. The Government of Canada warns of the continuing threat of terrorism in Burkina Faso, and also warns against using the cable the cable car in Chandragiri Hill in Nepal. The CDC warns about a large ongoing outbreak of Yellow Fever in Brazil, and a Listeriosis outbreak in South Africa.

030818 – World Status Report

The U.S. Department of State advises to reconsider travel to Cuba, and GOV.UK reports hotels in the central northern Cuban coast are starting to re-open. The CDC and GOV.UK report on the status of Yellow Fever outbreak in Brazil. The CDC and WHO report on the Lassa Fever outbreak in Nigeria, and GOV.UK warns of potential attacks by armed gangs Abuja, Nigeria. The U.S. Department of State advises to reconsider travel to Burkina Faso due to terrorism, and the Government of Canada reports on the recent attacks in Ouagdougou, Burkina Faso. The Government of Canada and GOV.UK advise additional precautions for travel to Playa del Carmen, Mexico after an explosive device detonated and injured passengers in a ferry, and another device was found in another ferry. The Government of Canada and GOV.UK report on increasing inter-communal and religious tensions in the Ampara and Kandy districts in Sri Lanka. Other countries with identified risks are: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, New Caledonia, Maldives, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Papua New Guinea, and Philippines.

030218 – World Status Report

The U.S. Department of State warns about risks for travel to Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya. The government of Canada advises to avoid travel to parts of Ecuador and warns about risks of unregulated alcohol in Mexico, crime in Bolivia, and terrorism in South Africa. The UK government advises to avoid non-essential travel to Lashio town in Burma, notes vehicles that can’t be driven in Nicaragua, warns about risks of terrorism and kidnappings in Nigeria; dengue fever in Fiji; and highlights increased police and military presence in Brazil.

020118 – World Status Report

The UK government updates advice on laws and local attitudes on LGBT for Swaziland, and advises caution when near police stations in Colombia. The CDC reports about Malaria in Brazil and Yellow Fever in Nigeria. International SOS shares a report on types of risks encountered by business travelers.

012518 – World Status Report

The CDC updates the Yellow Fever in Brazil travel notice and reports on Measles in Serbia.